KAIUN, our sake brand name, means "to attract or to earn good fortune", reflecting our founder’s concern for the happiness of customers and all the people around

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In search of prospective business partners to grow hand in hand

Our Doi Brewery Corp. hopes to seek out prospective overseas partners eager to introduce and distribute our sake products of Mount Fuji origin in their countries. Candidate partners are welcome to come check the high qualities of our products and the top professionalism of our brewing work for starting business with us.


History of Our Company

Winner of gold and other medals at the International Wine Challenge (IWC) contests


History of Doi Family dates back to over 500 years, always at the community of Kakegawa in the lap of Mount Fuji. The family entered the profession of making sake in 1872, with the brand name KAIUN for the good luck of customers and associates. Abounding with quality rice, perfect water and other gifts of nature, Doi Brewery has become a constant medal winner at Japan’s prestigious Sake Competition and an emerging gold medalist at the Global IWC.


Despite its long history of sake making, our company has actively adopted new scientific findings in brewing and fermentation along with advanced brewing equipment for the ceaseless improvement of products. Further, we are a leader in environmental protection, for example installing solar panels on our refrigeration warehouse and running the refrigerators using the solar power. We also command high-tech equipment to purify rice-washed waste water into clean water.



We offer a wide assortment of sake to match delicious foods of any country

Enabled by subtle but precise selection of rice grades and polishing processes, our sake products attain a happy mariage with just about every delicacy in every country. A great luxury in drinking our sake is to enjoy the changing flavors and tastes of sake as its serving temperature is varied: kanzake is served warm, reishu cooled, and so on. In summer, sake is refrigerated to give a refreshing taste while in winter it is served warm to help the imbibers feel balmy in the room. Our lineup embraces sake products suited for relishing a rich variety of tastes in warm, natural, or cool serving.



IWAIZAKE KAIUN is our flagship product showing a rake in its label. The Japanese people have long regarded rakes as a lucky device for gathering happiness and treasures. Since its inception our company has used the design of a rake as the symbol of our corporate heritage and reliability. While cherishing our tradition, Doi Brewery Corp. has never hesitated about introducing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for further product improvement, and this effort has resulted in the rich flavors and tastes of today’s Doi products while preserving clarity and avoiding loudness in the savor. In particular the high quality of our products is traceable mainly to the elementary work of washing the rice grains carefully in order to clean off any unwanted materials while avoiding cracking the grains. Plus, we consider the uncompromising workmanship of our craftspersons as an indispensable ingredient for making sake of world recognition.

Countries with Records of Partnership

Doi Brewery Corp. has already done business with companies in other countries. But we welcome additional partners interested in handling our sake, and prospective partners are cordially requested to contact us by filling and sending in the Inquiry Form below.


List of countries/
regions with business records:

USA, Canada, UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Dubai, Denmark, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Malaysia, Vietnam, Peru


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    Company name Doi Brewery Corporation
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